Frequently Asked Questions

From what age can you play mini golf?
– From the age of 4 (with special children’s sticks) a child can already participate nicely. Minigolf is a fun sporting activity for young and old.

How long does a round of mini golf take?
– Between an hour and an hour and a half you are busy with 18 holes of mini golf.

Are dogs allowed?
– Certainly, dogs are allowed to come along if they are let out and on a lead.?

Do I have to make a reservation to only play mini golf?
– For small groups under 10 people, reservation is not necessary, the group larger than 10 people is required.

If I want a package deal, do I have to make a reservation??
– Arrangements are from 6 people and reservation is required.

Are you also open in bad weather?
– Yes, we are just open at our opening times, it may rain with you but with us it might be dry.

Can I also just walk on the mini golf courses without playing?
-No, that’s not allowed, only players are on our courts.

Is it allowed to bring your own food and drinks?
– No, we do not allow our own belongings, we are allowed in the rest of the park!

If it rains, can we cancel and are there costs involved?
– With rain you can cancel the same day for free!

Is there an allergens card present?
– Yes, on our terrace you can ask for our map, on our website you can click on our menu and you will immediately see the allergens.

Do I have to pay in cash or can I pay by debit card?
– You can pay in cash or by debit card.

Are your minigolf courses wheelchair accessible
– The mini golf course is wheelchair accessible, the grass course is not, there is a gravel path.

Approximately how long does a children’s party take?
– About 2 hours!

Can we also reserve a children’s package on Sundays?
– No, Sunday is our busiest day and is only for walk-in without reservations, and we do not do child packages.

Why can we only book a child’s package for a maximum of 8 children?
– Years of experience have shown that large children’s parties are difficult to keep at play.

How many parents / supervisors do we need for a children’s party?
– It is best to split the children into groups of 4 or 5, with a parent / supervisor in each group.

We have reserved a children’s package, do the supervisors also have to pay?
– No, the supervisors do not have to pay, but they are sure that it is properly supervised!

We have reserved a children’s package and would like to collect from you until the group is complete, is that allowed?
– No, collecting is best at the front of the park and if you are complete, you are welcome and we will start!

Can we bring our own cake or food and drinks?
– No, your own pie or your own things are not allowed, but in the rest of the park you are!

Can we unpack our presents with you?
-Certainly, we have special couches where possible.

If it rains, can we cancel and are there costs involved?
– With rain you can cancel the same day for free!

What is the maximum number of people on the grass court?
– 72 people can start at any one of our jobs simultaneously,
so in total we can place 140 people on both courses

Can we also have a drink on the courts?
– Certainly, we even have wait staff on the courts!